Thanks, Witness

February 6, 2009


I appreciate The Lutheran Witness publishing a letter to the editor I sent in recently. It was in response to a very fine article about Christmas wars in the magazine’s December, 2008 edition. You can read the article here and the letter here. You can also order my book, What Happened to Merry Christmas? here.


Free Christmas recipes

November 10, 2008

…can be found here.

Catholic TV interview

October 31, 2008


Click here to view my November, 2007 interview (now on with Jay and Father Reed on Boston’s Catholic TV. Great guys, great station, great city.

Is the war on Christmas over?

October 31, 2008

A 2006 article, “A Lull in the War on Christmas,” from super-talented writer and friend, M.Z. Hemingway, exhorts us not to hold our breath.

Ben Stein is a genius

October 28, 2008

…and a funny guy to boot. Snopes has uncovered Stein’s actual Confessions for the Holidays, delivered on CBS News’s Sunday Morning program December 18, 2005. Enjoy!

HT: The Critical Thinker (TM).

Wrong in so many ways

October 26, 2008

Nothing like an nativity sandbox to celebrate our Savior’s birth. What is “reverential sand grooming” anyway?

NY village drops “Christmas” from boat parade

October 25, 2008

The villiage of Patchogue, New York, has decided to drop the name “Christmas” from its annual boat parade. You can read the AP story here. Congrats to the nationally-known Fireworks by Grucci for pulling out from the parade in protest.

HT: The Scrooge Report.

War on Christmas?

October 24, 2008

Here’s an interesting 2007 piece from Charleston City Paper’s Jack Hunter on the broader, cultural shift underlying “The War on Christmas.” A must read.

How you can order What Happened to Merry Christmas?

October 24, 2008

It’s so easy! Just click here and you’ll be directed to Concordia Publishing House’s Web site. At $12.99, its a cents-ible selection for this Christmas season.

“The Tree” at Rockefeller Center

October 24, 2008

Alas, it appears that New York’s Rockefeller Center will have The Tree this year, not “The Christmas Tree.” Perhaps our friends would like to call the falling, crystal, lighted device that helps count down the seconds to the new year, “The Ball.” What do you think?