Ice queen decorates Seattle’s Sea-Tac Airport

Unlike last year, air travelers landing in Seattle will not be subjected to those awful, offending “religious” tree displays this year. The White Witch has landed in Seattle, and Mr. Tumnus had better watch out! Winter is in, and Christmas is out!

What do you think about this? Can’t say that I’m a great fan of faux birch or pseudo-snow but, hey, what do I know?



  1. 1
    Karen Says:

    Sounds like they are promoting a religion of peace and harmony found in nature, (pantheism?).

  2. 2
    merrychristmasiseverywhere Says:

    My guess is that they sense airport patrons want some sort of decoration during the “Holiday” season, so airport decorators believe that they have provided a compromise. Who could disagree with a nice, wintry, woodland scene? Well, for starters, how about those who think that spending $300,000 for airport “Holiday” decorations is a waste of money! Thanks for reading the blog, Karen!

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