Road photos

I thought I would share with you a few “road photos” taken in Boston, Chicago, and Chattanooga.


The first photo was taken November 13 in Brockton, MA in front of Prospect Hill Company, a wonderful Catholic bookstore there. With me are about 70 second graders from Trinity School, who walked a few blocks in order to hear me read the book. I signed over three cases (108) of books that day, and was very happy to do so for the school children, customers who had pre-ordered and others who were waiting patiently in the bookstore. I was very humbled to hear about one customer who had taken a personal day in order to get a signed copy. For a photo from my book reading at Sacred Heart School in Lynn, MA, scroll down to “An Item in The Daily Item,” November 19.

The second photo is of me signing a book at the Chicago Catechetical Conference November 17. The annual event was sponsored by the Archdiocese of Chicago. We are very grateful for the warm reception the Archdiocese had for us and are especially indebted to Sr. Judy for her extraordinary kindness. We were the only Lutheran publishing house invited to attend the conference and were the only publisher to have an author signing books!

The third photo was taken November 24 at the Chattanooga LifeWay store. LifeWay serves the Southern Baptist Convention, so with our Catholic friends we have all our bases covered. To my right are a customer who requested that I sign the book (OK, she’s a friend of my youngest sister) and to my left stands my proud nephew, Shaw. Shaw’s personal experience with the anti-Christmas bias served as the basis for What Happened to Merry Christmas?. Shaw was very happy to sit with Uncle Robert for over two hours. I hear that Shaw’s dad’s boss will get a copy of the book signed also by him! 


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