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I appreciate The Lutheran Witness publishing a letter to the editor I sent in recently. It was in response to a very fine article about Christmas wars in the magazine’s December, 2008 edition. You can read the article here and the letter here. You can also order my book, What Happened to Merry Christmas? here.



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    .I enjoyed your comment in the February edition of the Lutheran Witness. We share a similar view about engaging the culture of secular society.
    As a pro-life activist, I find the implication in this article unnerving and condescending. A clear voice must prevail. There is enough animosity between Christians, that we need not throw gasoline on the fire.
    We need our Lutheran Theologians to step to the plate and address this issue. Their appears to be a scriptural chasm regarding taking an active part in our atheistic culture. With opponents such as Richard Dawkins attaching us from an educated, secular view, we need a strong voice to answer the critics.
    Thank you for your forum, and for your concurring comments.

    Cliff Pyle
    Saskatoon, SK

  2. 2

    We, some LCMS laity, created the website to aide Christians of all denominations to become engaged in the “Christmas Wars” – not as angry warriors but as disciples. We have tried to emphasize gospel, but “action” often looks like law. Our site is a bit cumbersome, but helps individuals define exactly what they don’t like about the secularization of Christmas and gives people some ideas as to what they can do to effect change. The methods suggested are all related to “living one’s faith” as apposed to simply being a member of a church.

    As we discovered, “Christmas Wars” as well as most of the issues confronting Christianity today would disappear if a significant number of church members simply became Christ’s disciples. The solution is broader than any denomination has ever adopted – total acceptance and support of Christ’s only mandate, The Great Commission.

    The best idea so far is to elevate The Great Commission to a sanctioned season in the Church calendar. On our web site there is now a place holder page for “The Great Commission Season”. Quite a bit of work has now been put into defining such a season, the period covered, and how each denomination could fine tune it to reflect their dogma.

    We are very concerned about the magnitude of what we laity are proposing. We searched all denomination’s web sites, and not a single document committing to The Great Commission was found. Therefore, we felt compelled to illuminate the problem and propose a solution. The suggestions we are developing do not impact dogma. We welcome and encourage comments from laity and clergy. Email us at

    Dave Norton
    Saline, Michigan

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